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Why are licenses needed?

International professional competence certificates together with the transportation of people licenses allow for the provision of international transit-oriented services.
Each of the international transit-oriented companies has to hold the international transportation of people license required by the road transport law.

What should you know?

Not every client is aware of the fact that licenses held by the companies are not trivial sheets of paper but they are important national documents. Aside from allowing for the transportation of people, they also certify that:

  • Carrier has been entered into the register of entities allowed to transport people
  • Carrier has not got a criminal record
  • Carrier has the required professional competences and experience backed by a certificate
  • Vehicles are in a proper condition and they have been adjusted for the transportation of people-oriented service provision
  • Carrier has meet required financial conditions

A bit of history

From the very beginning of the operation on the international market, the “DuŇĄczyk” Company has been in possession of all the required certificates and licenses which were issued by the Minister of Infrastructure.

Each of our vehicles is serviced once a week as well as properly maintained. Such automobiles are then offered to our customers to take advantage of.

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