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About The Company

The “Duńczyk” Company has been operating on the market for 15 years. Throughout that time, we have obtained valuable experience thanks to which we are now capable of offering you safety and comfort in terms of transportation-oriented services

As we care about the highest possible quality of the provided services, we delegate a required number of qualified drivers to transport the entrusted goods and passengers. We are in the possession of a properly equipped car fleet capable of transporting both people and commodities. Our representatives constantly exercise utmost care to maintain them in the most satisfactory technical condition. In order to achieve that, every single bus undergoes a technical check-up every week. All those features combined make it possible for us to be at your disposal everywhere and every time. We are not limited to a single area of operation.

We would like to offer your transportation services within the borders of Denmark and Poland. Our drivers will deliver passengers and commodities to the destination on time!

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www.fc.dunczyk.com - FC Dunczyk Serie 4 B (Pulje 3)

F.C. Duńczyk, is a Polish 4th league football club created in Denmark. Both the President and the employees of the “Duńczyk” Transportation Company were the originators of the club. Thanks to the mutual interest in sports, there was a concept of the creation of a Polish team in Copenhagen. The President himself is an instructor and a coach. The said fact made it possible to assemble the team almost immediately. The said person also decided to refund the costs of sports hall rental and the purchase of the outfits for the players. Additionally, business talks with several Polish entrepreneurs operating in Denmark have been initiated. They may lead to the conclusion of new sponsorship contracts.

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The club has been operating since 2010. What is more, it is still reaching higher positions in the table thanks to the consecutive won games. Symbols of the club are: the white eagle and a ball on the white-and-red background. The latter is situated on the front side of players’ shirts, whereas Polish national emblem is located in a close proximity to their hearts.


Arek is the captain of the F.C. Duńczyk team. He serves his role perfectly, caring for a proper atmosphere within the team and supporting it in winning consecutive matches.


In order to make the games more appealing and pleasant for whole families, we plan to play on artificial grass and in a stadium with grandstands, allowing the fans to spend their leisure time in a satisfying manner.